CMP047 - An Indomitable WILL; featuring Indera Sagewan-Alli - Executive Director; Caribbean Centre for Competitiveness.


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Our special guest and Caribbean Mentor has become a well-known development economist through-out the region. Her fields of expertise are in areas like; Global value chain and Innovation, Public Policy Analysis and Privatization and Private Sector Development…just to name a few. She is the holder of a Bachelors and Masters’ degree in Economics and has used her skills and training to contribute to various organizations both in the private and public sector. As a former Member of Parliament (Trinidad and Tobago) and Director on various State Boards her opinion is often sort by the media concerning a cross-section of public matters. Today she is the Executive Director of the Caribbean Centre for Competitiveness at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. Ladies and Gentlemen…let’s meet Mrs. Indera Sagewan-Alli

Show Notes

Indera's History


Career Development 

  • Secretary of the St. Helena Village Council
  • Taught part-time while doing a Masters in Economics
  • Became a Policy Analyst at the Ministry of the Economy
  • Focuses now on Economic Development | Sustainable Development at the Caribbean Centre for Competitiveness
  • Professional Disappointment - Started a business that did not survive the Economic Crisis of 2008

The value of a PhD?

  • A PhD is a highly specialized degree
  • It best serves persons in academia
  • Outside of academia it's best to do mutiple degrees 

Mentality for Success

  • Get the inside right and the outside would fall in place.
  • Strength does not come from physical comes from an indomitable will
  • Be Resilient through failure
  • Have strong convictions; but be humble
  • Be confident in the moment
  • Be flexible 

Daily Habits and Balancing Life

  • Conquer impatience
  • Judge persons on their own merit
  • Complete mundane tasks
  • Don't compare your life to someone else's 
  • Create a "normal" that's suited for your life

Super Over Answers

Favourite Song: The Climb and One Call Away 

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