CMP044 - A tree with Strong Roots; featuring Neysha Soodeen - Founder and Executive Chair of Toute Bagai Publishing


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Our special guest and Caribbean Mentor is a well-known personality throughout the Caribbean. She has hosted numerous travel shows on The Travel Chanel, Caribbean Passport and other television productions promoting the islands and all that they have to offer. After having a life changing event at age 24 she spent her down-time reevaluating her goals. With her new lease on life she decided to pursue her dreams of promoting the Caribbean and removing the perception of the region being second-rate. Today she is the Founder and Executive Chair of the Caribbean's top magazine publishing house Toute Bagai Publishing, producing a number of internationally awarded periodicals such as MACO Caribbean Living, MACO Destinations, MACO Sourcebook and MACO Caribbean Homes. She has been awarded for her contribution to promoting the Caribbean receiving the Marcella Martinez award in 2014 in New York City. She a wife, a mother and is determined to live life to the fullest. Ladies and gentlemen…let’s meet Ms. Neysha Soodeen.

Show Notes

Neysha's History

  • Born in Trinidad. Grew up in Barbados
  • Primary School -  Private school
  • High School in Canada


Career Path

  • Applied to university to do Engineering
  • Changed and took courses in Psychology and Law
  • Began Modeling 
  • Got diagnosed with thyroid cancer
  • Started her publshing company (Toute Bagai Publishingat the age of 28


Mentality and Tips for Success

  • A tree with Strong Roots, Laughs at the Storm
  • A thousand french men can't be wrong
  • An entrepreneur has to fully believe in their ideas
  • Believe you can do it better
  • Networking is very important...get to know people
  • Competition is good because it drives us to be better
  • Adaptability; because change is always present
  • Employ those that are better than you
  • Don't be afraid of upsetting the status quo
  • Say YES to challenges


Daily Habits

  • Early to bed...early to rise
  • Excerise is very important
  • Put maximum effort into everything that you do
  • Have a positive outlook and treat everyone positively


Super Over Answers

Favourite Song: Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys