CMP111 - Let Your Work be Your Recommendation; featuring Professor Dr. Eudine Barriteau - Principal of UWI Cave Hill


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Our special guest and Caribbean Mentor has over 30 years experience as a Caribbean scholar and Senior University administrator. She was the first woman at UWI to be appointed Campus Coordinator in the School for Graduate Studies and Research and the second woman to be appointed Deputy Principal at the Cave Hill Campus. Today she serves as the Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the UWI Cave Hill Campus.

Ladies and gentlemen…Professor Dr. Eudine Barriteau.

Show Notes

Dr. Barriteau's Background

  • Was born in Grenada
  • Moved to Barbados with her mother
  • Developed a love for reading at an early age
  • Got a job at a printing company
  • First in her family to attend university
  • First job was as a teacher at 17 years
  • Resigned the teaching job to pursue her degree
  • Got scholarships to do her Masters and PhD
  • Advice - 
    • What you say to young people can motivate or crush them
    • Do your very best at whatever you're doing
    • Set goals in whatever job you're in at the moment
    • Respect your income (save, invest and give back)

Super Over

  • Worry Less
  • Opportunites 
  • Fair and just and believe in creating opportunities
  • Recommended Book - Dreaming to Some Purpose
  • Birth of her Son
  • Curiosity

Favorite Artist

  • Black Stalin

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