CMP065 - Whatever you're doing, Make a Positive Difference; featuring Dr. Terrence Farrell - Economist, Author and Certified Mediator


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Our special guest and Caribbean Mentor is a mammoth figure when it comes to economics and finance in Trinidad and Tobago. He has devoted his knowledge, intellect and time to shaping policy initiatives which help rescue or transform the Trinidad and Tobago economy. He now works in the areas of economics, strategy consulting and business development and legal advice and mediation. He is an Economist, Lawyer, Certified Mediator, Published Author and serves as director on various Boards in the private, public and NGO sector.

Ladies and gentlemen…Dr. Terrence Farrell

Show Notes

Dr. Farrell's Early Life, Career and Advice

  • Born and grew up in Mt. Lambert (Trinidad)
  • Attended San Juan Government | Mt. Lambert RC | St. Mary's College
  • Influenced partly by his elder brother to pursue Economics
    • Advice - If you don't want to do research and teach then a PhD is not relevant
  • Started to teach at UWI
  • Got a job at the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago
    • Advice - A good Ecomonist understands a range of various business issues
  • Left CBTT to go into the private sector and operated in various industries
  • People skills accounts for 80% of what you need to advance in your career
  • Use your skills to give back to the development of society
  • Motivation - Make a positive difference
    • Advice - To achieve you must be Disciplined
  • Essential Qualities - Drive | Ambition | Discipline


Super Over

  • Don't go astray 
  • Leave academia 
  • Success is the impact that you have on the people around you
  • The exchange rate flotation in 1993
  • Legacy - To contribute to a more productive T&T


Favorite Song

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