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  • 2017-05-08


    CMP084 - Your Steps are Ordered; featuring Allison Modeste - Owner of Allison's Variety and Bridal Boutique

    Tags: female retail clothing tobago entrepreneur

    Our special guest and Caribbean Mentor is a strong believer in what you sow you will reap; and she has sowed prayer and hard work into her life to reap success. Her entrepreneurial journey started as a vendor on High Street in San Fernando Today she is the owner of the popular store Allison’s Variety and Bridal Boutique and proprietor of Royalty Plaza. She received the award for business excellence from the San Fernando City Corporation in 2009.

    Ladies and gentlemen…Ms. Allison Modeste

  • 2016-06-13


    CMP045 - From Drug Addiction to Design Passion; featuring Johann Mohammed - Owner of African Ark Jewelry and Clothing Design

    Tags: male jewelry design tobago entrepreneur

    Our special guest and Caribbean mentor has been to the bottom and was resilient enough to fight his way back. In the earlier part of his life he had to face many struggles and life threatening situations due to his addiction to drugs. However, even though he was down and most persons counted him out…he was not defeated and was determined to take back his life from drugs. Today he runs his own business called African Ark Jewelry and Clothing Design. His designs were featured at Sando Fashion Week 2016; he also shows his designs monthly at the popular UpMarket. Ladies and gentlemen let’s meet Mr. Johann Mohammed.