CMP059 - Treat people as you would like to be treated; featuring Carl Beviere - GM of Sandals, Jamaica


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Our special guest and Caribbean mentor has become a leader in the tourism sector.

He started off his career as an aspiring young chef determined to make his mark. His career has seen him hold several managerial and executive positions in the tourism sector within the Caribbean.Today he holds the esteemed position of General Manager at Sandals Montego Bay, Jamaica. He’s a community activist and football enthusiast

Ladies and gentlemen…let’s meet Mr. Carl Beviere

Show Notes

Carl's Early Life

  • Born in St. Lucia but raised in England
  • Always wanted to be a Chef


Carl's Career

  • Got a part-time job washing dishes at a restaurant
  • Learned to cook at the restaurant and found his passion
  • Family is in Banking so being a Chef was not initially accept by his mother
  • Got a job at an Investment Bank but hated it
  • Quit the Bank to work full-time at the restaurant
  • Left the restaurant to go to College to be formally trained
  • Went to St. Lucia to visit family and heard about an job opportunity
  • Worked at Clubs International
  • Joined Sandals as a Sous-Chef
  • Got promoted to Executive Chef


Being a Hotel General Manager

  • You're responsible for the entire operations of the hotel
    • ​Customer experience
    • Staff experience
    • Finance and profitability
  • Walk the hotel every morning and then meet with the Management Team
  • All customers' issues must be addressed in the shortest possible time
  • The working hours are long but it's rewarding


Mentality for Success

  • There is a difference between Service and Servitude
  • It's all about relationships with people; so learn to build them
  • Listen to people and act on feedback
  • Treat people as you would like to be treated


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