CMP058 - The Macguyver Approach; featuring Janice Sutherland - CEO Digicel Antigua & Barbuda and Monserrat


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Our special guest and Caribbean Mentor has extensive knowledge of senior management and has executive experience in sales, project and change management. She has a proven track record of succeeding through creativity, innovation, drive and resourcefulness.

Today she is the CEO of Digicel Antigua and Barbuda and created history by being the first female CEO in the telecoms sector in the country. She also overseas Digicel Montserrat. Ladies and gentlemen…Mrs. Janice Sutherland.

Show Notes

Janice's Early Life

  • Born in the UK
  • Parents from Antigua
  • Wanted to be a Scientist but didn't get the grades
  • Didn't really know what career direction to take


Janice's Career and Advice

  • Started career in Sales and found she was really good at it 
  • Loves Sales - No better feeling than landing that BIG sale
  • Midway through her career money was very important; being single with two children
  • Financal reward is great but Recognition is far more rewarding
  • Just because you're at the top of the ladder doesn't mean you lose the need to be told you're doing a great job
  • Planned to move to Jamiaca but decided on Antigua
  • Started in Digicel as a Commercial Manager
  • Did a Masters in Strategic Sales Management
    • ​There is a distiction between Marketing and Sales
  • You need to be a people person and become a leader. People need to believe in you
  • Don't be selfish with your knowledge; develop those around you


Family Strategic Plan

  • Each person sets five personal goals to achieve for the year
  • Set joint family goals to achieve for the year
  • Review to determine what was achieved


Mentality for Success

  • Your unconscious influences - the people you have around you.
  • If something is put in front of you...find a way to achieve it
  • Have a Macgyver mentality - Stop your challenge from stopping YOU
  • You need to continuously pick yourself up
  • Be targets and results driven
  • Do or Do Not; there is no try!!!
  • Every failure is a learning experience


Super Over

  • Value Education
  • Make the role your own - just be you
  • Success is being Happy and Content
  • Great Book - Small Island and The Color Purple
  • My Boys
  • Top Tips;
    • Don't compromise your principles 
    • Be self motivated
    • Know your worth


Favorite Song

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