CMP032 - BONUS Episode!!! - Steps to take during a Recession with Jason Julien - Chartered Financial Analyst


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Those of us, who are familiar with the show, know that we normally go through the career life of our Mentor and extract some principles as they recap their journey. Today; seeing that it’s the day that makes this year a Leap Year. I decided that we would deviate from our normal program and have a Bonus Episode where we would be discussing a specific topic. And that topic is Recession. A lot of countries in the world are facing some really difficult economic times. And the conversation surrounding a recession is abuzz in my country Trinidad and Tobago seeing that the prices of energy products globally have plummeted. So today we are going to add our voice to the conversation and get some practical advice that we can implement whether you are home here in the Caribbean region or tuning in from an international location. And to join me for this Bonus episode is none other than Mr. Jason Julien.

Show Notes

Bonus Episode!!!

In this episode Jason and I have a discussion about the economic cycle of Recession. Jason explains what a recession is, it's impacts and most importantly some very practical steps you can take during this period.

Have a listen and let's face this from a point of knowledge and wisdom...