CMP011 - Don't Dishonor yourself by Quitting with Francis Wade - Founder of Framework Consulting


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image Our special guest and Caribbean mentor is on a mission to make the Caribbean workplace more productive. His mission started in 1993 when he left AT&T Bell Labs internal consulting unit and started Framework Consulting Inc. in Jamaica; with the purpose of bringing management best practices and techniques back to the Caribbean after spending 21 years in the USA. Since that time his firm has published several white papers, e-books, websites, newspaper articles and videos under his leadership. Throughout the years our mentor has also seen himself become an author, a columnist, a podcaster, a keynote speaker and a management coach. Ladies and Gentlemen...let's meet Mr. Francis Wade

Show Notes

Francis's Start

  • Grew up in Kingston (Jamaica)
  • Primary School - St Andrew Prep School


Failure / Disappointment

  • Listen as Francis speaks about regreting not seeing soft skills as worthwhile 


Professional Career Highlights

  • Francis explains how he built a career and company around Productivity and Time Management


Francis's Books


Francis's Super Over Answers

  • Listen to Francis answers which contains great advice