CMP010 - Lead your Team to win with Maxine Attong - Author; Professional Coach and Facilitator


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image Our special guest and Caribbean Mentor is passionate about writing, facilitation and coaching. Her personal Vision is to “enhance the lives of the people and organizations that she comes into contact with”. This Vision is supported by her personal beliefs that all humans are innately intelligent and creative with a desire to do better. Our mentor is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and is a Certified Management Accountant from the Society of Management Accountants, Ontario. She has worked in all areas of financial and management accounting and in various industries like finance, energy, service and manufacturing. She is a Certified Evidence Based Coach and also a Certified Professional Facilitator and has used her skills to lead teams and individuals towards achievement of their stated goals and vision. Ladies and Gentlemen…Caribbean Nation…Let’s meet Ms. Maxine Attong

Show Notes

Maxine's Start

  • Grew up in Sande Grande (Trinidad)
  • Primary School - Belmont Girls' RC
  • Secondary School - St. Joseph's Convent (Port of Spain)


Motivational Quote

  • To thy own self be true


Failure / Disappointment

  • Listen as Maxine speaks about not following her heart


Professional Career Highlights

  • Maxine explains what it means to be a Professional Coach and Facilitator


Maxine's Books


Maxine's Super Over Answers

  • Listen to Maxine's answers which contains great advice