CMP101 - Learn from Everything; featuring Claudia Pegus - Award Winning Fashion Entrepreneur


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Our special guest and Caribbean Mentor got her start in the fashion industry over thirty years ago and have remained relevant throughout the decades. Today she operates a design company which bears her name and focuses on an exclusive niche market where she caters to a cosmopolitan of local, regional and international dignitaries, public figures, models and celebrities. In 2010 she was awarded the Chaconia Medal Silver for her contribution to the Fashion Industry.

Ladies and gentlemen…Ms. Claudia Pegus.

Show Notes

Claudia's Career

  • Grew up with her aunt who was a seamstress
  • Travelled to purchase clothes to sell 
  • Started a clothing store with her bother and sister-in-law
  • Had to leave her job to be full-time in the store
  • Started to design and produce locally
  • Advice - 
    • Never turn back
    • Walk with people who know the path you would like to travel
    • Talent doesn't make's how you package the talent
    • Remove the "Rose-coloured lens"
    • An obstacle is sometimes a benefit in disguise 


Super Over

  • Spent more time abroad 
  • Believe in Yourself
  • National Award and taking care of her Mother
  • Book - 7 Habits and Art of War
  • Success - Joy and Happiness
  • Alternative Career - Health and Wellness Consultant

Favourite Song

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