CMP100 - Special Episode - Top 5 takeaways from 99 episodes of Caribbean Mentors


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This is the Season Finale of the podcast and it's also the 100th episode. As such we would be looking at the top 5 takeaway lessons that we have learnt from interviewing some exceptional Leaders throughout the Caribbean.

Show Notes

Top 5 Takeaways from 99 Episodes


5. Your Negatives Are Not Unique

What I have realized is that some of the same challenging circumstances that we see as such a major disadvantage to achieving our success were in some instances exactly the same circumstances that some of our Mentors have been in and they overcame.


4. Work Work Work

You must be prepared to work and more so work with patience; because I have found that our Mentors understood that becoming takes time…takes years and they were prepared to go on the journey and dedicate decades to their craft before they began to see success.


3. Positive Mindset

Do we actually spend time training our minds to be positive? Spend time with yourself in silence; journal your thoughts; pray; consume positive content…all these were suggestion from our Mentors which alludes to the point.


2. Focus on Learning

A lot of people are sitting around to find their passion but you cannot find anything without looking…without seeking. And the way you find your passion is by learning; I’m not referring to academics only. In a lot of the mentors’ journey…they didn’t know what they were good at…they didn’t know what they wanted to do. They went on their journey with one thing in mind and got exposed to another area and changed direction. The one constant was they were always on the path of learning. 


1. Relationships are KEY

In most of the Mentors’ journey they explained about connecting with someone who gave them critical advice or someone who gave them a chance or introduced them to another person. What I have found is that people are for the most part very helpful and generous with their knowledge but you cannot become a nag. And do not only try to extract from the relationship but be mutually helpful as well.