CMP099 - The Power of the Closed Door; featuring L. Anthony Watkins - Founder of Odyssey Consult Inc Limited.


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Our special guest and Caribbean Mentor has worked extensively across the region with major companies in the Finance, Energy, Service, Public and Manufacturing Sectors. His work includes Visioning, Strategy Development and Planning, Merger Management, Executive Team Building and Leadership Development. Today, he is an accomplished Organisational Development Consultant and Principal of his company, Odyssey Consult Inc Limited.

Ladies and gentlemen…Mr. L. Anthony Watkins

Show Notes

L. Anthony's Early Life and Career

  • Attended Arima Boy Government
  • Parents were teachers so that was going to be his career also
  • Went to Toronto to attend University
  • Got introduced and pursued Psychology at University
  • Returned to Trinidad and began teaching as a Guidance Counselor
  • Started consultancy in 1989
  • Advice - 
    • Life is about Duality 
    • Feel the fear...but do what you have to do anyway
    • There is a space for everone to meet their purpose
    • Full lions don't hunt
    • Delegate your weaknesses 
    • Anything somene does for fun...someone is doing it for money
  • Road Map -
    • Do what you Love
    • What is your footprint
    • You need to be Bold


Super Over

  • Be more discipline 
  • Do what you love and the money would come
  • Success - Touching Lives
  • Book - The Odyssey of Homer
  • Starting and building Odyssey
  • Alternative Career - Performing Arts

Favourite Song

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