CMP096 - Ready...Fire...Aim; featuring Keshelle Davis - Founder and CEO of The Training Authority


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Our special guest and Caribbean Mentor has become known for facilitating the fulfillment of people's dreams through her training programs, coaching, live events and mentorship. In 2012 she was appointed as first female Executive Director of the Bahamas Chamber Institute and also won the Bahamian Icon award in 2017. She the Founder and CEO of The Training Authority

Ladies and gentlemen…Ms. Keshelle Davis

Show Notes

Keshelle's Early Life and Career

  • Born and grew up in Bahamas
  • Attended Jordan Prince Williams Baptist
  • Wanted to teach because of her Dad
  • Started at a Bank as a teller
  • Was inspired by Dr. Miles Munroe
  • Started The Training Authority
  • Advice - 
    • Focus on your gift
    • Passion is the glue that keeps you going
    • Learning to Sell is really important
    • Stop preparing and fire - Done is better than Perfect 
    • Failure is Feedback


Super Over

  • Follow your Passion
  • Find Your Why
  • Alternative Career  - Technology
  • Book - You2
  • Wining the Bahamian Icon Award
  • Vision | Passion | Drive

Favourite Song

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