CMP005 - Interview with Dr. Patrick Hosein - Professor at the University of the West Indies and Electrical and Computer Science Expert


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image Our special guest and Caribbean Mentor is an electrical and mathematical genius. He has 5 degrees from MIT including a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He has worked with some of the major cellular companies in the world like AT&T, Ericsson and Huawei. He has been granted 39 international patents in telecommunications and wireless communications with 42 still pending. He was contracted by TSTT to head the team responsible for bringing internet to T&T for the first time. He is currently the CEO of the Trinidad and Tobago Network Information Centre which manages the .tt domain; A Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; A Professor at the UWI and one of the 2015 awardees of the Anthony Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence for his work in Science and Technology Ladies and Gentlemen…Caribbean Nation…Let’s meet Professor Patrick Hosein.

Show Notes

Patrick's History

  • Grew up in Curepe (Trinidad)
  • Primary School - Curepe Presbyterian
  • Secondary School - St. Mary's College

Listen to the episode as Dr. Hosein expound on what he has learnt on his journey


Motivational Quote

  • Work in area that you enjoy


Failure / Disappointment

  • Patrick did not get through for some jobs that he really wanted. Listen as he still saw the rejection as working out to his benefit


Professional Career Highlights

  • Listen as Patrick explains about meeting Amar Bose and working with him.


Patrick's Super Over Answers

  • Play more sports
  • Don't focus on money but do something you enjoy in life
  • Music and exercise
  • PhD at MIT
  • Mathematics


Favorite Song