CMP071 - Bonus Episode - Thinking about a Career Change?...Things to Consider


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This is the fourth Bonus Episode in a nine-part series where various topics surrounding Career Building would be discussed with Career and Life Coach Mr. Anthony Hadeed.

New episodes would become avaliable on the last Wednesday of every month.

Show Notes

Topics and Questions addressed in this episode

  • Changing a Job verses Changing a Career - 2:50
  • Is there a time when leaving your job is not the best option? - 5:12
  • Right and Wrong reasons for wanting change - 6:05
  • Career change mistakes to avoid - 9:03
  • Best Approach - 11:09
  • Is it too late to change? - 16:55


List of previous episodes in this series

  1. How to go about choosing a Career
  2. How to Advance your Career
  3. I feel STUCK in my Career...What should I do


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