CMP070 - An Invitation to Greatness; with Dr. Ruby Brown - CEO of the Management Institute for National Development (MIND)


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Our special guest and Caribbean mentor is committed to elevating and empowering the value of human resources. She is on a mission to build the human resource capacity of the public sector in pursuit of effecting good governance for the development of Caribbean societies and nations. She serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Management Institute for National Development (MIND) and sits on the Steering Committee of the Caribbean Leadership Project.

Ladies and gentlemen…Dr. Ruby Brown.

Show Notes

Ruby's Early Life and Career

  • Grew up in Trelawny (Jamaica)
  • Attended Albert Town Primary and Secondary
  • Always wanted to be a teacher
  • Got a job in the Bank
  • Started training new tellers in the Bank
  • Joined the training school in the Bank
  • Left the bank and joined MIND
  • Progressed to the point of becoming CEO


Super Over

  • Trust your Voice
  • Study the system and those who control it
  • Success - Doing right by others
  • Great Books - What got you Here
  • My Sons 
  • Essentials - Identify who you are  | Set Standards | Believe in Yourself


Favorite Song

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