CMP069 - Feel the Fear but Push Through; featuring Karen Hinds - Founder and CEO of Workplace Success Group


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Our special guest and Caribbean mentor is on a mission to develop the next generation of leaders and she has founded and grown a company since 1999 to do just that. Her career began by preparing promising interns to enter and build strong careers in financial services sector. Today she is known as the Emerging Leader Expert and is the Founder and CEO of Workplace Success Group.

She an entrepreneur, an author, a mother and a wife. Ladies and gentlemen…let’s meet Mrs. Karen Hinds.

Show Notes

Karen's Early Life and Career

  • Grew up in St. Vincent
  • Attended Clare Valley Primary | Bishop's College 
  • Wanted to be a Lawyer or Doctor initially 
  • Worked as a clown at children parties
  • Got a job in selling destination tours
  • Got a job doing training seminars
  • Started developing her own training programs and went out speaking for free
  • Quit her job to go on her own
    • Had to do mental work to overcome fear and doubt
  • Started Workplace Success Group 
  • Advice
    • ​There is no work-life balance. It's a give and take
    • The thing you love doing may not be your career
    • Attitude by Charles Swindoll (poem)
    • Exercise | Pray | Say Affirmations | Laugh a lot


Super Over

  • Find more Mentors
  • Plan where you're going next but be open to change
  • Success - Peace of mind and Family 
  • Great Books - How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Family 
  • Essentials - Serve | Add Value | Enjoy the Process


Favorite Song

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