CMP068 - Begin with the End in Mind; featuring Nigel Salina - Entrepreneur & International Consultant


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Our special guest and Caribbean mentor is an Entrepreneur & International Consultant who built and managed his business from the ground up and continues to diversity his business interest. His career flourished in the insurance industry where he won several awards throughout the 2000’s. Today he consults and works with numerous companies around the world.

Ladies and gentlemen Mr. Nigel Salina. 

Show Notes

Nigel's Early Life and Career

  • Grew up in Lopinot (Trinidad)
  • Attended La Veronica RC | Fiver Rivers | El Dordado
  • Didn't perform well in school
  • Attended Bible School and got involved in Missionary work
  • Joined CLICO as a Salesman 
  • Became the top Salesman in the company
  • Was appointed as Chairman and CEO of CL Financial
  • Advice
    • ​Selling is a part of life
    • Be passionate about what you're doing
    • Plan effectively
    • Execute the plan
    • Blue Ocean Strategy 
    • An honest effort never goes unrewarded
  • Developed the Global Business Leadership Forum


Super Over

  • Be more productive
  • Whatever you decide to do...fall in love with it
  • Success - Relationship with Family 
  • Great Books - Failing Forward | Winning | Good to Great
  • Family and building a successful International Business and Charitable Organisation
  • Essentials - Relationship with God | Passion | Trust


Favorite Song

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