CMP067 - Make things happen; featuring Kenneth Ferguson - Founder of the Kenson Group of Companies


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Our special guest and Caribbean Mentor is a living example of what hard work, persistence and determination can produce. He has had an extensive career in the energy sector dating back to the 1970s. However, his drive to continuously challenge himself has allowed him to achieve success in a variety of different fields.

Today he is the founder and Chairman of the Kenson Group of Companies which employs over 350 persons. He is a husband, father, businessman and past Mayor of the city of San Fernando. Ladies and gentlemen…Mr. Kenneth Ferguson. 

Show Notes

Kenneth's Early Life and Career

  • Born in San Juan and grew up in Balandra (Trinidad)
  • Attended Naparima College (Tunapuna)
  • First job was at Colonial Life
  • Got a job as a Learner Refinery Operator at Federation Chemicals (FedChem)
  • Became fascinated with the job and the oil and gas industry
  • Joined Amoco(BPTT) as an A-Class Operator
  • Moved to the Philippines to work for four years
  • Took Voluntary Separation of Employment Programme (VSEP) and started Kenson
  • Advice - Be the person that Make Things Happen


Super Over

  • Be Committed and Dedicated 
  • Every man is put on this earth for a Purpose
  • Remain Calm 
  • Great Book - Long Walk to Freedom 
  • The growth and development of Kenson
  • Essential traits - Compassion | Knowledge | How you treat people


Favorite Song

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