CMP060 - Build Positive Systems; featuring Dr. Basil Springer - Management Consultant Pioneer


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Our special guest and Caribbean Mentor is a high achiever who has had many successes in his career. He is a trained mathematician, statistician, operations research scientist and biometrician. He was also a Management Consulting pioneer when he founded Systems Caribbean Limited in 1977; which was sold in 2000 as the largest indigenous business development consulting firm in the Caribbean at that time. Today is operates as an independent change-engine consultant promoting the ManOBiz™ Matrix as an innovative Shepherding tool.

Ladies and gentlemen…Dr. Basil Springer.

Show Notes

Basil's Career Life

  • Born in Barbados
  • Attended the Ursuline Convent School
  • Attended Harrison College
  • After completing his PhD he was offered a job to be a Biometrician in Trinidad
  • Used a sequentail evolutionary approach to career planning and building
  • Focus on job satisfaction rather than money
  • Moved to Barbados
  • Started a consultancy firm (Systems Caribbean Limited)
    • The consultancy grew rapidly in the first five years but then slowed down
    • Staff had to take a pay cut and some had to be laid-off
    • The company was in a deep financial hole which took years to recover
      • Advice - You must understand the principles of Management if you are to be successful in business


Mentality for Success


Super Over

  • Try to understand women and the importance of their contribution
  • Become and entrepreneur and work for yourself
  • Success is a rounded set of abundance 
  • Great Book - Ageless Body, Timeless Mind
  • Receving the Order of Barbados in 2000
  • Top 3 principles to run a successful business
    • ​Hard work
    • Be flexible
    • Sales


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