CMP002 - Do it Right the first time with Rhett Chee Ping: Managing Director of Gordon Grant & Co. Ltd


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image Rhett Chee Ping has held various positions of leadership; whether it is in the pool as a former National Swimmer, or on the field where as a player and rugby coach he led Trinidad and Tobago to the Caribbean Rugby Championship or in business where he is the President of the Shipping Association of Trinidad and Tobago and is currently the Managing Director of Gordon Grant and Co. Limited. Rhett is knowledgeable in the shipping industry. He tackles challenges head on with a degree of toughness and straightforwardness that’s very refreshing.

Show Notes

Rhett's History

  • Grew up in St. Anns Trinidad
  • Primary School - Holy Faith Preparatory (St. Bernadette's)
  • Secondary School - St. Anthony's College

Listen as Rhett tells the rest of his journey!!!


Motivational Quote

  • Those of you who hoot with the owls at night should be able to soar with the eagles in the morning


Failure / Disappointment

  • Trained for four years in preparation to go the Olympics. However, he was not select. Listen as he relates the account of what happened and how he was able to move forward.


Professional Career Highlights

  • Listen as Rhett explains how he started off in his father's shipping business and journeyed to becoming MD of a shipping company.


Rhett's Super Over Answers

  • Studying would get me much further than swimming
  • Do it right the first time
  • Train with the MWF group and make time for family
  • Great Book: The Art of War by Sun Tzu
  • Cleared a vessel in two days!!
  • Work hard; Build Relationships


Favorite Song