Hey everyone, Joel Millington here to tell you about CaribbeanMentors. It’s pretty simple; CaribbeanMentors exists for one purpose; to inspire Caribbean people into action towards achieving their professional goals.

The Caribbean is full of persons who have attained exceptional professional heights and have inspiring life and career journeys. Well, every week I would be interviewing one of these inspiring individuals and we would be discussing how they went about building their careers.

You would get to hear about failures they encountered and the lessons they learnt; the professional steps they took to achieve their goals and why those steps are important. You would get to hear about their day to day activities and what it takes to execute their various responsibilities.

All in all you would be getting great tips and advice that you can use to implement into your career building also.

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image CMP107 - You Get What You Believe; featuring Carla Parris - Entertainment and Sports Lawyer

Our special guest and emerging mentors is an Entertainment and Sports Lawyer who runs a boutique Entertainment and Sports Law practice in Trinidad and Tobago. Her firm focuses solely on providing Intellectual Property, Copyright, Trademark and Business law advice to clients in the entertainment, sports and corporate sectors in Trinidad and Tobago and across the Caribbean.

Ladies and gentlemen…Ms. Carla Parris

About the Host

Joel Millington is a professional Business System Analyst and has been working in this space for over twelve (12) years. He specializes in managing large transaction based Enterprise Information Systems. He is the holder of a Masters’ in Business Administration with specialism in Strategic Planning from the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business School and a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Information Systems and Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He relishes working on new and innovative projects which lead to having a positive social impact. His mission is to become a successful social entrepreneur.



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